Which option is best for you?

Thank you for choosing to join me in the wonderful world of hoop dance and embodied movement. I am excited for you to begin!

I offer live, online classes that also include one-on-one weekly private lessons, downloadable recordings of each class, as well as playlists to the music I use each week. You also have the option to simply receive the downloadable recordings if you are unable to join in on the live sessions.

Dropping in to class is also an option though it won’t come with all the extra goodies and is only available if the class is not full. I limit the number of students per class to keep the container intimate in order to better connect with each other. I am passionate about building community across the globe which has been one of the greatest gifts of teaching online.

If this is a financially difficult time for you, please let me know and we can work out an arrangement that meets your needs. I do not want money to keep you from hooping. I can be reached via email at laura@beautyinmovement.com.

Teaching hoop dance and embodied movement is my life’s work, passion and income. As a small business owner, I greatly appreciate your support.

Peace, love & hoops,


Current Offerings