Do you have a need for a pallet wrap machine but don’t think you have the room in your facility for one?

Many companies have limited space in there warehouses or shipping areas and these companies often do not have the capabilities to use a fork truck to load pallets onto a pallet wrapper.

If pallet jacks or pallet straddle stackers are the only methods of moving pallets the only solution is often to purchase a low profile pallet wrap machine with a pallet jack ramp as pictured below. Unfortunately, this takes up a good deal of floor space as well.
Not to Worry! There are now solutions to this problem!


1) Automatic Batter Powered Mobile Pallet Wrappers are ideal for tight spaces or for loads that are too large for a regular pallet wrap machine. These machines require no operator to guide them. They feature a tire on a bracket that follows the pallet load as it wraps the pallet.

1) Rotary Tower Pallet Wrap Machines are ideal for operations where pallet jacks are used for moving pallets. The loads are placed on the floor and the arm of the pallet wrapper along with the roll of film rotates around the pallet load. Rotary tower pallet wrappers are also perfect for wrapping light or unstable loads. The load does not rotate or move at all so there is less chance of the boxes or other products falling off the pallet during the wrapping process.

Rotary tower pallet wrappers normally take up a larger floor space while they operate, however, Cousins Packaging has developed a rotary tower pallet wrap machine that can be mounted to a post or to a wall that has a relatively small floor size requirement. Space needed for one of these machines is as small as 10 square feet.

2) High Profile Pallet Wrap Machines

Companies that want to use a pallet wrapper but don’t have space for one with a pallet jack ramp can purchase a high profile pallet wrapper and use a pallet stacker to load the pallets onto the turntable. High profile pallet wrap machines feature a raised square turntable. The underside of the raised turntable is often 5” off the ground. Additionally, the frame that the turntable is mounted to is usually only 34” wide. The straddles of out-riggers of a straddle stacker can easily fit under the raised turntable and straddle this 34” wide frame.


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