Tape Sealing Machines

Carton Sealing and Tape Sealing Equipment

When it comes to tape sealing and carton sealing equipment, there is no question that SOCO System – which invented the tape sealer in Europe in the 1960’s – is the industry leader and is the company of choice for John Maye Company. SOCO’s carton sealers form part of a large modular production program that also consists of palletizing equipment, carton erecting machines, and an extensive conveyor system. All units are modular in design and built to work efficiently together in properly case sealing. If you have any questions about what tape sealing / carton sealing equipment would be perfect for you and your company’s case sealing application.

Carton Sealing and Tape Sealing Equipment

We are the top supplier in our region for the SOCO System. Click here to see more about our full packaging system offerings.

The SOCO System offers tape sealing machines and a fulal packaging system.

Tape Sealing Machines / Tape Sealing Equipment

The Full SOCO System, Provided by the John Maye Company

The SOCO System offers tape sealing machines and a full packaging system.

A Carton Sealing Machine that Gets the Job Done Right

With a vast number of carton sealer options currently on the market, finding one that’s exactly right for your business can be a challenge. To make life easier, we only stock the SOCO carton sealing machine. We believe it is the best investment as compared to numerous other machines on the market. When it comes to delivering an efficient, dependable service in a cost-effective manner, SOCO carton sealing machines are the answer.

Provider of Carton Sealer Parts

Because we are an experienced supplier of products from the SOCO range, we can offer comprehensive sale services as well as post-sale support. If you have an existing SOCO machine that is malfunctioning, get in touch with us. We will source the necessary parts to make an economical repair, or provide additional information on how to solve the problem.

Versatility of Carton Sealers

One of the benefits of using the SOCO system is that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. SOCO sealers are available in a modular form, which allows for effective utilization of space. The modular design prevents companies from being over-burdened with excessive equipment.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Carton Sealing Machine Needs

As a leading provider of packaging answers in the region, we pride ourselves on offering every customer a personalized experience to help deliver the packaging equipment to suit their needs. To find out more about SOCO and how it can help your business, or for any other packaging equipment inquiries, call us today at (800) 441-6293.